Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thing 1: Set up Your Blog

One big thing I learned today was not to create your Avatar during the afternoon peak hour. The bandwith must have been saturated at the Library as it took some time to get things to display. I couldn't find the Blogger Dashbard but then realized I wasn't looking at the right page. But I did finally manage to create my blog, create an avatar and register my blog.

I must say that it was pretty fun creating my Avator. Being a mother of a very active two year old girl, I hardly get anytime to surf the net or brush up on my Web 2.0 skills. Most of my free time (if any) is spent cleaning up after my daughter, laundry, housework, or just sitting on the sofa exhausted. I'm looking forward to setting aside time to work on the 23 things and learn more about the new technology.

I recently created a FaceBook account and am finding it a wonderful tool in helping me reconnect with friends from way back.