Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thing 4: Photosharing with Flickr

I had heard about Flickr but never used it before. I have used Google's Picasa to share photos with my family in Nepal, HongKong, Australia and UK. A lot cheaper than mailing photos to these countries.

I could not upload the photos by using the URL. In the end, I saved the Flickr photos to my hard drive and uploaded the files on the blog tool to get them to display.

I'm posting two photos from Flickr. The first one is entitled "Dhalbhat in Pokhara" uploaded by ShinYai. Dhal and Bhat are Nepali words for lentil soup and rice respectively. Both are a staple in Nepali cuisine. I miss my mother's cooking. As hard as I try, I can never quite duplicate her cooking.

The second photo is of my hometown of Pokhara, Nepal courtesy of Jerome Pu. My parents have a house beside the lake which is surrounded by hills and mountains. The lake is called Phewa Tal and the views are simply stunning.
I searched for Nepal, Pokhara, Phewa Tal under the Tags and found a ton of beautiful photos. The tag are an easy to search for particular photos.

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