Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thing 5: More Flickr Fun

Pewter Lowercase Letter i L O V E M Y L I B R A Subway Mosaic R II Bead Letter Y

I must say that the mash-up tools are quite fun and can see why people spend loads of time playing with these tools without realizing it. I used Spell with Flickr to spell "I Love My Library" and was actually able to upload the picture using the URL. I had tried using the URL to upload other photos from Flickr yesterday and failed. I must be doing something right finally!
I also downloaded a photo I had taken on a trip from Picasso and used the Flickr Caption tools to create some fun lines.

I normally only share my personal photos with family and friends on Picasso as I'm a little wary of having them open to the whole world to view.

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