Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thing 3: Set up an RSS Account and Add Feeds

I used Goggle Reader vs Bloglines to setup my aggregator account as I already have a Google Account. I had to rack my brains to remember my password so I have decided to write them down for future purposes (though I've heard you are never supposed to do so for security reasons).

Just after I finished adding feeds to my account, a colleague of mine (who is much more technically savvy than me) dropped by and said he prefers Bloglines as it's easier to navigate! Arrghhh!

My husband uses RSS to get updates on new technology (he works in the Tech field and is always saying he needs to stay current or become obselete). I for one have never used RSS before. My Google Reader now has feeds from the various news sites that I used to visit e.g. BBC, CNN, India Today. I can see myself using it more often. Though there were some sites I normally visit e.g. that doesn't have RSS feed and I wasn't able to add them to my account.

I can see RSS serving as a useful tool for people to better manage information that they want to read but am not quite convinced that it is essential. Yes, RSS can save me a few strokes on the keyboard but I can as easily go to the sites I want on the Internet by typing the URL.

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Jonya said...

I think you will find the RSS feeds make it easier to decide where you want to spend your time. You have to go to each url of your morning news sites, for example, unless you use them in a rss reader. I saw your blog had been updated and read it, decided to comment and then hit the link to take me there so I could comment. Otherwise I don't even need to go to your site. AND I can ignore the other 70+ blogs that have not updated today. I find it very useful.